Galleros / Cockfighters

Cockfighting is widely popular in much of Latin America and Asia. Though cockfighting is illegal in the U.S., it remains legal in the unincorporated U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. This ongoing work explores cockfighting culture in Colombia, where there is a lot of controversy associated with this practice, in which a huge divide exists between those in favor of it and those against it. To some, cockfighting is a cultural sport and way of life, while to others it is simply a blood sport that encourages animal cruelty for the sake of entertainment. Pelea de gallos, or cockfighting, is practiced in most rural areas throughout the country and in big cities like Bogota or Cali there are establishments where daily fights take place. Currently, Colombia’s Supreme Court is debating whether this practice violates laws against mistreatment of animals, which could make cockfighting illegal in the near future.