Colombia. 1990.

Juan Diego migrated to the U.S. with his family at the age of nine. The challenges of assimilating into two cultures helped shape his view of the world and inspired his curiosity about different cultures, peoples, and places. It is the endless search for genuine connection and understanding that fuels his passion for storytelling and creating visually and emotionally impactful photographs.

He first picked up a camera after graduating from college to document his travels and climbing adventures, which promptly led to his desire to use photography as the main avenue for expression and exploration in his life. As a result, the evolution of his work is diverse and wide-ranging in subject matter and genre. From adventure and street photography to documentary and portraiture, he holds a high standard for creating work that is unique, engaging, and honest.

More recently, his focus has turned to long-term documentary projects that explore themes of cultural history, folklore and mythology, human rights, and conservation. This fall (2019), he is starting a three-year Advanced Mentored Studies Program under the mentorship of Ed Kashi, member of the VII Photo Agency, and James Estrin, staff photographer for The New York Times and co-founder of Lens , the Times’s photography blog.

Juan Diego is fluent in Spanish, currently based between Western North Carolina and Colombia, and is available for assignments & commissioned work worldwide.

For collaborations, fine art prints, or any other inquires please contact him directly.